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About Aseel

ASEEL water established as an extension of West Bay factory in 2012, which is one of the first factories specialized in hygienic ice. After years of providing the Qatari market with a first class quality ice, ASEEL expanded to deliver the customer affordable bottled water, healthy hydration and great taste. The water is being captured and treated using a sophisticated filtration that sanitize the water and enrich its mineral content giving consumers tastier and healthier -Low Sodium- products to enjoy at every drinking occasion and throughout life’s stages with a big range of packed bottles to meet the different demands of our customers.


Our mission is enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. Today we work on helping to shape a better and healthier world for us and for our children. We also want to inspire people to live healthier lives. This is how we contribute to society while ensuring the long-term success of our company.


ASEEL vision is and will always be insuring the best quality drinking water and ice for the future generations from our Qatari nature. Through our commitment to social and economic progress, and our passion for bringing health through water to as many people as possible, we aim to generate profitable, sustainable growth now and for many years to come.

Drink Water as Well

Water is one of the essentials of life for all living beings that can not be kept alive for more than a few days. Water is a high percentage of the human body, ranging from 75% in infants to 55% in the elderly. And its proportion and functions, and the proportion of water consumed by the human food varies depending on the amount of vegetables and fruits in his/her diet. People drink water for many reasons, but often the main reason for drinking water is the lack of water in the body, which stimulates the physiological feeling of thirst. In normal conditions, it is recommended to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily, when a person consumes water less than the water lost by his/her body, the body becomes dehydrated, and the water loss of the body increases in hot weather and during vigorous exercise.

  • Blood 85%
  • Bone 22%
  • Brain 74%
  • Muscles 75%
Our Quality

Many Nationals and expats in Qatar name ASEEL as their preferred bottled water for its unique taste. On every bottle of ASEEL water we list the strictly maintained mineral content of the water it contains. Having a stable mineral content is one of the main things that elevates it above our competition. The consistency of ASEEL chemical and microbiological composition is fiercely protected to ensure the quality remains constant.

Quality Parameters Table
  • Parameters
  • Standard Value (s)
  • Permissible Values
  • Unit weight factor (w)
  • PH
  • 6.5-8.5
  • No relaxation
  • 0.219
  • 5
  • 25
  • 0.08
  • TDS (MG/I)
  • 500
  • 2000
  • 0.00370
  • 300
  • 600
  • 0.00618
  • 200
  • 400
  • 0.01236
  • 30
  • 100
  • 0.0618
  • 45
  • No relaxation
  • 0.0412
  • 250
  • 1000
  • 0.00741
  • 75
  • 200
  • 0.02472
  • 75
  • 200
  • 0.74638
  • West bay Factory adapted a high quality system that complies with local, regional and international standards.
  • West Bay Factory is equipped with a completely automated process with zero human interference.
  • Water treatment based on latest technologies in reverse osmosis system with minimum that guarantees zero harmful germs.
  • Useful minerals are added to the water to provide balanced water.
  • Our water is treated with Ozone and UV to provide complete bacteria-free product.
  • All Raw materials used are from ISO certified sources.
  • West bay has a complete quality department that serves water testing in all aspects.
  • Zero Chlorine water.
Our Products

We produce all the different sizes of water bottles with zero human interference, as our brand new French made production line SIDEL brand is a fully automated process. The production line has a high speed capacity that guarantees the availability of all sizes. Also we provide variety of packing options that ranges from carton boxes to shrink film wrapping.

Aseel 200Ml

This small bottle is perfect for your Home Majlis, or your office as a side sip with the coffee or the tea you offer your guests.

Aseel 350Ml

Is best for your personal use as it stays long enough with you whenever you need to drink.

Aseel 500Ml

This is a great size bottle for your sport activities as it keeps you away from the dehydration during the best part of your day.

Aseel 1500Ml

Designed for sharing in a food table it is a must and it is for all the family and friend gathering occasions.


WBIF produce premium quality 3 kg ice cubes packages, perfect for everyday use in refreshing drinks at home, office and other uses, which allows the consumer to maximize the beverage experiences. We engineered our product protected in a resalable package, ensuring all sanitary measures from origin to enjoyment. As a premium, brand our ice provides a unique, consistent experience for the consumer who demands the best.

Our Partners

ASEEL water is a premium brand in the market dealing with reputed organizations, Companies, hyper markets in Qatar. We are maintaining high graded and clean water bottles for providing good quality water to our customers.

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